Wholesale DVD's For All

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions before ordering? Check here first!
The most common question we get asked is, "Are these REAL DVD's? The answer is yes. The Wholesalers on our lists offer the same DVD's as the ones you would purchase in the local "Super Discount Center". They are not copies or imitations or VCD's. They are also not "Used" DVD's. They are brand new and are the "Actual" DVD's created by the "Actual" manufacturers. The companies who sell these DVD's are Honest, Legitimate and Respected companies who have agreed to sell to you.
Q Do your wholesalers Drop Ship?
A Yes they do. Some of the wholesalers we supply you even offer drop shipping services all over the world.

Q Do you guarantee your products or services?
A Yes, we offer a "Money Back" guarantee that the DVD's our wholesalers offer you are Brand New and Real. They will sell these DVD's to you today at very low prices.

Q If I order this wholesaler list from you, how long before I receive it?
A You will receive your Wholesaler List from us the same day you order it. Usually within 4 hours of placing your order. We email your list to you so you will need to include your email address when you place your order. Order The List

Q Where can I find a list of DVD titles that you currently have available for purchase?
A Click on the following link to see our current list of DVD titles we have available. We carry a very large inventory of each title on hand. Current DVD Tiltles Available For Purchase

Q Will your wholesalers ship to my country?
A Yes. Many of our wholesalers will ship their products world wide.

Q Do I have to join a club to receive their prices?
A NO, Absolutely NOT! You do not have to join a club or make a commitment to purchase 3 in the next 2 years. You just buy what you want when you want!!!

Q Is there a minimum purchase to receive your wholesaler's low prices?
A No minimums, but you save on shipping if you purchase in bulk.

Q Just exactly what do I get from you when I order your list?
A You get a total of three wholesalers lists when you place your order for our wholesalers list. You get our Wholesale DVD List which contains the contact info as well as websites of Wholesale DVD suppliers. These suppliers sell wholesale new releases as well as wholesale currently released DVDs. This list is great for DVD collectors, and individuals interested in making a quick profit off today’s hottest Wholesale DVD blockbuster hits. You also get our Wholesale Video Game supplier List. Use this list to find wholesale suppliers of the top new releases and hot selling titles of video games and game systems. Choose from Xbox, Playstation 1 & 2 and also Nintendo Gamecube. You also get a third wholesalers list which we call our Total Wholesalers List. This list contains wholesale suppliers for everything else that you can think of from Fishing Bait to Telephone Cards.

Q Can I order and use my credit card or pay by e-check?
A Yes you can. We accept all major credit cards. We also accept payment through PayPal where you can pay for your purchase with any major credit card or by electronic check.

Q What if I don't want to give my credit card over the Internet?
A That's fine, simply go to our "Contact Us" page and place your order by phone. You can then give us your credit card info over the phone. You may also pay with Money Order or by Cashiers Check and mail your payment. As soon as we receive your payment, we'll process your order. Contact Us